Jill Hunter Clem: A story of God’s faithfulness


From her dreams as a child, to nearly dying from a drug overdose; raising a son with Cerebral palsy, and the sudden loss of her husband, Jill learns through the highs and lows, the depths of God’s love.

“I know that the Lord has used my child in my life, to teach me to walk by faith, and not by sight, to trust Him, in whatever circumstances I find myself in.”

– Jill Hunter Clem

Your faith is guaranteed to be strengthened through this film. You will laugh and cry along with Jill, as she shares her amazing stories of God’s faithfulness.

“I looked up to heaven, and I said, Lord, I know Mary’s (Mary Cho) with You, but, I just wanna hear her voice, just one more time, please!”

– Jill Hunter Clem

Jill’s testimony, truly is a story of God’s faithfulness. She is an ordinary person, who has seen God do extraordinary things!

“I said to the Lord, Lord Jesus, if you allow me to live, I will live for you the rest of my life, and I will give you glory.  Please Lord, please just let me live.” 

– Jill Hunter Clem

Jill Hunter Clem: A story of God’s faithfulness

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